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Invest In Pocket Door Accessories

Pocket Doors AccessoriesA sparkling new dress looks pretty ordinary without the necklace and the handbag right? And you can’t do much with that £300 games console if you haven’t got the controllers, or a couple of games. Life is all about accessories, and they are getting more and more important. That’s why the Pocket Door Shop has designed some accessories for our products that will grow to become important features and, pretty soon, you won’t know how you lived without them.

If accessories make the dress, then they can also make the pocket door. We would recommend that you invest in accessories to really get the most out of your purchase and to unleash its full potential. After all, we all like to accessorise. But what accessories have the Pocket Door Shop got to offer?

Three pocket door accessories

Firstly we have the BIAS soft-close with anti-slam fitting. This can be retro-fitted to ensure that your doors close in a controlled manner and don’t get damaged or make a noise every time the kids rush through, or someone’s upset or in a hurry. A special fitting will take the weight of the door when it is pushed closed and control it to ease the door back into the rest position, and most times you won’t even know. The BIAS DS Bi Direction unit works when the doors are opened and pushed back into the pocket itself. This fitting is an investment purely so you can enjoy a peaceful time, but it can also save you money by the door not getting damaged.

Next we have the self-closing door fitting, which is a mechanism fitted to the internal frame of the door and hence is invisible. The mechanism will automatically shut the door behind you with no input or effort required from you. The speed of the door closing can also be adjusted to make sure it suits you and how quickly you feel comfortable skipping through it, and it can also be retro-fitted.

Finally we have the double-door co-ordination fitting, which is a strong and durable cable system which links both doors together, and means you only have to push one door to make both doors open or close. This is particularly useful if you have double doors that you use frequently and opening them both is becoming an effort, or if you are often carrying items through the doors and therefore only have one hand free.

What doors are pocket door accessories available for?

Whilst these pocket door accessories are great enhancements to your home, you should be aware that they are not all available for every type of kit we stock. The self-closing fitting is not available for glass doors, for example, and obviously, the double-door co-ordination is only available for double pocket doors.

Nevertheless, we have found that these accessories provide the perfect finishing touch to a pocket door installation and really act to enhance the home and the travel movements you make around it. Without realising it, you will soon come to depend on these accessories and you will wonder how you ever managed without them.

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