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How the pocket door is suitable for any internal door in the home

pocket door options

The many benefits of the pocket door are well known, and the chances are if you are considering installing one in your new home, then you already know about their space saving ability contemporary style and functional practicality. Pocket doors also add a little wow factor to your interior design, but the feature that often gets forgotten is their flexibility in adding value anywhere around the home.

It is true that some houses need to save space everywhere, or maybe you have added a small room somewhere in the home and a pocket door is the key to making it work? This could be a utility room, an en-suite, a small storage room or a home office, but whatever it is the pocket door is the answer to your problems.

Pocket doors open up possibilities around the home

The days of automatically considering and fitting a traditional hinged door are over, and the pocket door opens up so many other possibilities around the home. A hinged door limits the options you have in almost every room in the house; have you got room for a washing machine and a dishwasher in the utility room? Can you fit the fridge freezer in the corner of the kitchen? Is there room for your favourite armchair in the living room? Can you squeeze a bed and a bedside cabinet in the spare bedroom? Or even, can you make that box room into a bedroom at all?

Pocket doors really can influence the entire design of the house; whether it is a three or four bedroom, whether you can have an en-suite, a separate kitchen and living room or an office to allow you some peace and quiet at home. Pocket doors provide that freedom to plan ahead knowing that you can utilise the space in the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, en-suite, utility room, dining room or home office, and the range of designs available mean that the style of a pocket door can be adapted to suit the room.

Flexible designs to suit every room

You can choose from architrave-free designs, soft-close fittings, glass doors for letting in light and self-closing pocket doors. Each feature has a different quality that can be used in different rooms. You can even fit two doors into adjacent rooms using the same wall cavity, as long as you have sufficient wall space.

Modern housing developers have woken up to the flexible qualities of the pocket door and they are increasingly becoming a standard fit in new build houses, as a demonstration of their practicality in almost every room in the home. So make sure you don’t get left behind and join the pocket door party, as it provides benefits upstairs, downstairs and morning, noon and night.

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