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How The Pocket Door Can Help You Renovate Your Business Property

It’s a tough time for any small or medium-sized business, as the commercial world slowly emerges from the pandemic and deals with the many other harsh realities of the economic landscape in 2022. But a business can’t afford to stand still and has to move forward as close to normal as possible, in order to keep up with competitors. That means you need to press ahead with any plans you have to streamline the business or make it more efficient. Often that means undergoing structural renovations, and the pocket door can play a key role in that.

You know all about the space-saving qualities of the pocket door in the home, and how it can help you develop new uses for under-used rooms and spaces, but how many people adapt these same principles to the workplace also? In a small or medium-sized business you face the same challenges of making the best use of space and making changes to improve the flow and efficiency of the business.

Lots of business uses for a pocket door

The pocket door can open up many different possibilities for a business. It can help you create:

  • New office space - particularly if you use a glass pocket door to make a small space more pleasant and airy.
  • Storage space – putting up a temporary wall at the end of a larger office space can create important storage areas and provide a neater and more productive use for under-used space.
  • Kitchen facilities – in small offices or retail spaces you can create a kitchen or rest room for your employees in a small space, and the pocket door enables you to fit in a sink, a fridge and maybe a small table and chairs, when a traditional hinged door would prohibit that.
  • Toilet facilities – just like at home, the pocket door might allow you to install important welfare facilities for your employees, where otherwise you couldn’t.
  • Important infrastructure – some businesses need important equipment isolating from the normal operations, and a pocket door allows that. So this could be an IT server room, or a room for a boiler, a compressor or an air-con unit.

It is also important to note that a pocket door can assist with your business improving its hand hygiene standards in the post-pandemic environment. You can leave a pocket door ‘open’ by sliding it into its wall recess, and this means people can come and go without having to touch the door with their hands, thus reducing the possible transmission of infections and viruses from hand to hand. This wouldn’t be possible with a traditional hinged door.

Different pocket door designs for your businessglass doors

Many businesses also use pocket doors for regular office space, as the frameless, no-architrave systems provide a sleek and elegant look for contemporary office spaces. This is particularly appealing for business with large meeting rooms or a boardroom. In these spaces a business may be able to install a prestigious double pocket door, and could even have a bespoke design incorporating the company name or logo.

Glass pocket doors are very popular for these kind of installations, and they can also be adapted to have an opaque finish, whereby the door offers some privacy and security, but still allows light to shine in, to make the room fresh and appealing.

For all the advice and recommendations you need for business pocket doors, you can speak to our sales experts on what is available and what could work best for your needs. And if you are feeling apprehensive about investing in a business renovation in 2022, allow the pocket door to make your plans a cost-effective and practical reality.

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