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How Pocket Doors Can Give You A Contemporary Home

For years the traditional hinged door has been the go-to solution for interior designers, but the stunning resurgence of the pocket door has brought another option to the table, particularly if you are looking to add or maintain a contemporary feel to the home.

stylish pocket doors

Increasingly, people are looking for some substance along with their style, and in a modern home that means we need our fittings to provide a practical solution also, and with pocket doors they come in spades.

Perhaps the most obvious solution is that pocket doors save space, and also provide us with options to be imaginative with small areas in order to make the most of every inch of space in our homes. Furthermore, an open hinged door looks untidy in a room and isn’t easy on the eye, so the clean lines and neat locating of a pocket door immediately sooths and makes us feel comfortable and at home.

Sleek and stylish pocket door designs

The sleek and stylish designs in the pocket door range mix materials and textures which all result in a clean and unfussy appearance. But pocket doors are even more adaptable if you have a creative streak. You could add a design of your own to one side or even a mirror, to really utilise the pocket door to its maximum if you are otherwise lacking in wall space.

Some designs also create a great contrast, which is popular in contemporary-styled homes. The grain of a wood panel effect can look great next to a plain white wall, and the light created by a glass pocket door can really bring colours out on your adjacent walls.

In terms of practical solutions, pocket doors allow us to section off large open plan spaces and create small rooms within a room, where some privacy is maybe required. The lightweight materials used ensure that these practical solutions are adaptable to almost any room, and in the modern home we are more and more demanding with how we use our space and pocket doors provide some options we had never thought of.

Sparse and uncomplicated space created by the pocket door

The nature of the Syntesis pocket door also means that there is no need for traditional architrave, which now serves no purpose other than decoration. So without this you have clean space and no fussy borders to paint or to look at every day. Like every aspect of the pocket door, you are left with a sparse and uncomplicated space which offers you scope to add your own decoration or to leave simple and unspoilt.

Pocket doors help you maintain light and maximise the quality of your space, and the way they effortlessly glide into their cavity provides a wow factor that truly sets them apart as a premium contemporary home solution.   

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