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How Pocket Doors Can Create Small Rooms From Nothing

A common problem with many houses is that we want them to be bigger, or we are faced with a space or a room we can’t do much with, and inevitably it becomes a dumping ground for stuff that has no natural home, or stuff waiting to go to the charity shop. These generic ‘spaces’ being stuffed with miscellaneous items slowly becomes the norm and you begin to accept the fact that there’s not much else you can do with it.

Another commonality between homeowners is dreaming of a lifestyle enhancement, something to add a new dimension to home living but something you don’t imagine you have the space for without building upwards or outwards. However, with the pocket door the solution might just be under your nose, or under a mountain of charity bags stuffed with old clothes and bric-a-brac.

Small bedrooms and bathrooms are popular on any home improvement wish list. You may have a new addition to the family on its way, or your two children are now wanting a bedroom each. Maybe you need a guest room, a home office/guest room or maybe you fancy earning a few pennies by renting a small bedroom out? This may have been off the agenda for many years until you discovered the pocket door and the space-saving qualities which open up a whole world of possibilities.

What space does a pocket door create?

small room pocket door

Because the pocket door ‘opens’ into a recess in the wall – known as the ‘pocket’ – rather than swinging into a room like a traditional hinged door, it can create around an extra 10 square metres of space. The door no longer swings into the room, and before you think “hey I can store a load more charity bags and miscellaneous rubbish behind the door now”, think about the more practical things you can do with that space.

Does it mean you can now fit a double bed in the room? Or two single beds? Or a set of drawers alongside the bed? Can you fit a bed and an office set-up? Sometimes we only need a few inches of space to not just make something fit, but make it practical and comfortable to work around and live with. 

Equally, this additional space might allow you to fit a toilet, sink and shower unit, and hey presto you have the en-suite bathroom you always wanted or a downstairs toilet. Maybe just the addition of a towel rail will make life easier in a small room?

Our range of pocket door products

Remember there are regulations relating to how much space you need to have in certain rooms, and they have to be sufficiently spacious to be comfortable, but certainly a pocket door is a practical and affordable solution when you are searching for a vital few inches, and if you have enough space overall then there are numerous possibilities.

So browse our collection at the Pocket Door Shop and speak to our experts about your size constraints and your home improvement wish list, and between us we can find the perfect solution, to maximise your home’s potential and find that small bedroom or bathroom you always dreamed of.

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