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How Does A Sliding Door Work?

how does a sliding door work?

A common scenario in the home is needing the benefits of a pocket door but not being able to accommodate one. We know how a pocket door creates extra space in a room, which might enable you to install an en-suite, to combine a spare bedroom with a home office or to create a downstairs toilet or a utility room. These are all very popular home improvement jobs which are entirely enabled by installing a pocket door. However, you may not have the available wall space required to create the pocket cavity, or you may not have the time to create the pocket cavity. Another reason is not having the budget for a full pocket door system.

But fear not, because the Pocket Door Shop is able to supply an alternative to the pocket door, which provides all the practical benefits and also has the same aesthetic qualities too. This solution is known as sliding door gear.

How a sliding door works

The pocket door creates space by disappearing into a wall cavity when it is opened, rather than swinging into a room like a traditionally-hinged door. A sliding door works in exactly the same way, except that it uses an overhead rail system to open and therefore the door runs along the rail to sit adjacent and parallel to the wall when it is open, rather than sitting in the pocket. This removes the need to build a ‘pocket’ in the wall and is easy to install because you just need to attach the overhead rail above the door space, while it still provides the amazing space-saving qualities of the pocket door.  

What types of sliding door are there?

As well as enjoying the same benefits as a pocket door, you can enjoy the same range of options too. We can provide an Italian-style timber door, or a rustic-style barn door. An alternative is the very popular glass door system, which uses satin-etched glass to create a door which allows light to flow through but also provides privacy where it is needed.

We have styles which have exposed overhead rails for a classic industrial feel, such as the Vetroglide range of Minima, Tech and Classic. These are contemporary glass door systems with a top-hanging door. You can also add a pelmet to hide the overhead rail and provide a neater finish.

What is included in a sliding door system?

All our sliding door systems include the overhead rail which is manufactured from either high quality stainless steel or carbon steel. With the glass door systems the door is included in the price, but with the others the door is not included because you have the freedom to choose your own door.

You also have the option to include pull handles and other accessories such as soft-close mechanisms which can be fitted to ensure the door isn’t slammed shut to prevent noise and damage. All our sliding door systems also include a five-year guarantee.

Contact Pocket Door Shop

So the sliding door is a very simple mechanism to be used anywhere around the home where there is sufficient wall space to accommodate the open door. You can speak to our expert sales team to establish what kind of door is most suitable for your home and to get great advice on price, delivery and installation. So get in touch today. 

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