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How Do I Repair A Pocket Door Frame Or Track?

Our pocket door systems are a great space-saver for a room in the home or at work, and they are a stylish and convenient addition to your interior design. While the operation of a pocket door is flawless most of the time, they can be susceptible to wear and tear just like anything else, plus items can get damaged or have been poorly installed, which of course can compromise their functioning and operation. So how do you repair a pocket door frame or track?

The good news is that most basic repairs can be done yourself, and without too much trouble, but in most cases you will need to remove the door from the tracks in order to access the key areas of the pocket door system.


Removing a pocket door from its tracks – Unico Classic

Firstly you will need to remove the architraves and the door jambs which are in place to ensure the door runs smoothly and centrally. If you do this carefully with a good knife you can re-use these bits of trim when you install the pocket door again.

  • Remove top architrave. If attached with silicone use a spatula or cutting knife. If pin-nailed on be more careful not to damage it
  • Remove wooden top jamb. If attached with silicone again use a spatula or cutting knife.

how do i repair a pocket door frame or track?










  • Move the door almost the closed position
  • Loosen the both locking nuts, slide gently the leading bracket out of the bolt (this will only come out one direction.


door bracket






  • Carefully slide the door completely out of the pocket
  • Be careful to take the weight of the door as it will come loose quite suddenly
  • Be careful not to damage the door guide positioned at floor level at the entrance of the pocket


Removing the track from the frame – Unico Classic

Now you have removed the door from the kit it allows access to the track. As the Eclisse system has unique patented extractable track, you can easily remove the track without the need of breaking the wall. This gives you access to the track for any unlikely maintenance issues and also enables you to retro fit any accessories, such as a soft close unit with anti slam or adjust the internal door stop.

The remove the track, from the frame follow the following steps:

  1. Once the door is off the unit, stand directly underneath the track and look up, you will see a series of small screws holding the track to the metal beam above it – Be careful only to remove these screws and not the screws holding the metal beam to the stud work above (these can be seen through the larger holes in the track but do not actually touch the track itself) as these are structural screws for the whole frame.
  2. Once all the screws are removed (you may need to move your adjustable stop at the doorpost end of the track to get to one screw and there may also be one just on the inside of the pocket entrance however it is still accessible), you can slide the track to one side and it will drop out from the top of the unit. Be careful not to drop the track on your head as it comes loose quite quickly and will instantly drop down once slide to one side
  3. To refit the track, put it back into the system as far up as it will go and slide to one side to locate it back into place on the bayonet system. The screw holes for the screws you removed in step 2 should now be visible. Put the screws back into place and refit your door, timber lining kit and architrave

You can then re-hang the pocket door on its rollers and re-install the door jambs and decorators final architrave.


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