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Home Improvements For 2022

As we reach the end of another strange year, thoughts are already turning to 2022 and what plans we have for spending our hard-earned money. This might be for the long-awaited holiday that has been denied us by COVID, but it also might be for a key home improvement job to improve our quality of life. While we have all spent a lot of time at home in the last couple of years, it is easy for the mind to drift towards ways to make better use of space or to make changes around the home to create more space.

Inevitably this results in home improvements and the idea of maximising what space we already have or what we have created, and the pocket door can be key to this being successful. Compared to a traditional hinged door, the pocket door can create around 10 square feet of space in a room, because you can use the space that would otherwise be needed for the door to swing open. It may seem like a small result in terms of gain, but this can make a critical difference when assessing what possibilities there are in small rooms.

Improving your quality of life in 2022

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The home improvement craze kick-started during lockdown 2020 means that while many people have decided to up sticks and move house, probably more people have decided they can maximise the space where they are. This is particularly the case with many people being forced to or opting to work from home. If you open your mind, there are lots of ways we can create space to make a home office, where as beforehand we may have always dismissed this notion.

So utilising the space-saving qualities of the pocket door you can change and adapt spaces to create a comfortable home office. This might mean the kids no longer have a play room because they are all grown up and don’t need it, or the guest bedroom you only use a couple of times a year can become a part-home office.

Choose a pocket door system to suit your 2022 home improvement

People are also using the land and buildings they already own to make additional space. So this might be working upwards and having a loft conversion, working downwards and fitting out a basement or cellar, or working outwards and building an extension or conservatory. Buildings in the garden such as a summer house can also work as a home office if they are fitted out properly, and the pocket door can be the critical factor in all these schemes being successful. Just the few inches saved by the pocket door can be enough to fit a desk, chair and shelving unit in, or a set of drawers, and hey presto; home office.

In terms of home improvements, the possibilities don’t end there though. The pocket door can help you design an en-suite for the bedroom, a downstairs toilet or a functional utility room. These are all relatively small jobs that deliver great improvements in your quality of life, and they all become possible thanks to the pocket door. So check out our range of pocket door options and get ready to make 2022 the year of home improvements, because after the last two years, you definitely deserve it.

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