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Have You Thought About Sliding Doors?

sliding doorWhen you get the home improvement bug sometimes there is no stopping you. But sometimes there is. While you know about the many benefits of the pocket door – space saving, simple design, flexibility and adaptability of multi-use rooms etc – you may sometimes find that there is a reason why you can’t install one. You might have plans to create an en-suite bathroom, a guest bedroom, a kids’ playroom, a downstairs toilet or a utility room, but for one of many reasons you can’t install a pocket door to create that critical bit of extra space. Don’t panic though, because the Pocket Door Shop can offer you a neat and simple alternative.

Sliding door gear offers the same benefits as the pocket door, and works on the same principal, but has a different installation method. So if you can’t install a pocket door system in your home because of wall space, wall condition, the work involved or your budget, sliding door gear might be a convenient alternative.

What is sliding door gear?

With a pocket door system, when the door is ‘opened’ it slides along the rail system and sits within the cavity you have created in the wall, also called the ‘pocket’. So it disappears from view. Sliding door gear works very much the same, but instead runs along an overhead rail and sits adjacent to the wall when the door is opened, rather than within it.

So the door is still visible, but it also still creates space and therefore offers you the same flexibility as the pocket door, in terms of creating multi-use rooms or changing the whole purpose of a room.

Different designs for your sliding doors

Another reason why sliding doors are a great alternative to the pocket door is that you can choose from a great selection of different designs for your door. Of course, most of the time the door will be closed and because it is always visible you want it to look great.

Our sliding door systems come in a range of timber designs and glass designs, offering you the flexibility to match your doors with your general interior design. This means you can choose glass doors for smaller rooms, maybe a home office, where it is important you have enough light, while a barn-door timber design might work well with your bedroom furniture for an en-suite.

Accessorise with sliding doors

Our sliding door range enables you to apply the same flexibility as with pocket doors, so this shouldn’t hamper your home improvement plans. Furthermore, you can choose to install a pelmet on your overhead rail, to disguise the rail and make it more attractive, and you can also install a soft-close accessory to some of our sliding door designs. This is an anti-slam feature which controls the operation of shutting the door by slowing it down, and ensures there are no loud bangs and damaged doors.

So contact the Pocket Door Shop today for all the information on our different sliding door gear systems and we can recommend the best product to suit your home and your home improvement plans. So get in touch today.

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