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Have You Considered Sliding Door Gear?

sliding door gearYou know all about the advantages of the pocket door, in terms of creating space, creating light and enabling the transformation of the home by creating new uses for rooms. But sometimes you don’t have the wall space for a pocket door, or your walls aren’t able to accommodate a ‘pocket’ wall cavity. Also, you may not have the budget for a pocket door system. So what is the answer?

The answer is sliding door gear, the ingenious system that gives you all the benefits of the pocket door, but with a cheaper installation process.

Sliding door gear is a system whereby a door hangs on an overhead rail and when it opens it slides along the rail, and in the ‘open’ position it sits alongside your wall, rather than in a ‘pocket’ cavity within it.

The advantages of sliding door gear

This system offers all the practical advantages of the traditional pocket door, because there is no hinged door taking up space or blocking light, the only minor downside is that the ‘open’ door is still visible along the wall, rather than it disappearing as with the pocket door system. However, it is not as if the open door is ugly in its appearance, and you see no more of it than you would when it is closed. Some people like the pocket door because it is ‘minimalist’ in appearance and the door disappears when it is opened, thus creating a sparse and clean feel to a room. You don’t get this with sliding door gear, but that doesn’t bother most people, and there are plenty of other benefits too.

Sliding door gear from The Pocket Door Shop can be either timber or glass doors and some systems also include a pelmet. It is possible to hide the overhead rail if you don’t want the mechanism to be seen, and this does create a cleaner and more contemporary appearance. Details of our sliding door range can be viewed here - https://www.pocketdoorshop.co.uk/category/304/Sliding-Door-Gear

What sliding door gear enables you to do

Of course the main advantage of sliding door gear is that it is so easy to install. The traditional pocket door is too of course, but this does involve creating a wall cavity and building the door frame. With the sliding door gear, installation couldn’t be easier. You simply screw in the overhead rail above your door frame and attach the door to the rail.

You can then enjoy the benefits of a contemporary door system that allows you to open up the home and create new uses for certain rooms. The addition of these critical few millimetres of space may enable you to transform your home, by creating an en-suite bathroom, a home office, a kids’ playroom, an extra guest bedroom or a downstairs toilet or utility room.

If you have dismissed the concept of the pocket door due to space or budget, then you may want to reconsider, and introduce yourself to the idea of sliding door gear. Because it might just transform your life.

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