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Have You Considered A Flush Pocket Door System?

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One of the most attractive features of the pocket door to many people is the fact that it disappears into the wall cavity – the pocket – and provides a clean and unfussy system for the home. This visual appeal is improved even more if you consider a flush pocket door system.


The flush pocket door system is a design whereby there is no architrave or jambs, which means the door disappears into the pocket and is virtually invisible. This is an innovative, counterframe design which extends the contemporary and minimalist feel that many people are after when they start to look at pocket doors. And so the flush pocket door could well be the answer for you.

Innovative design from the Pocket Door Shop

An innovative edge profile allows the plaster finish to lay ‘flush’ with the door system, and so when the door is closed you still have clean lines and flat surfaces, with a wall – door – wall effect that is easy on the eye, and adds to the comfortable and relaxing ambience you want to create.

In many homes, architrave and wall mouldings are not to everyone’s taste, in the sense of being something else that you have to paint and maintain, but also as they belong to a certain period of internal architecture, and one that perhaps you don’t want in your home, as you are trying to create a more modern feel to the internal décor. It is possible to remove architrave, and certainly the smooth finish of a flush pocket door system is ideal for removing all sense of traditional design, and really bringing your home up-to-date.

Unique features of the flush pocket door system

There are ten different frame sizes available for the flush pocket door system, and don’t forget that the system is available for both single and double doors, so if it’s possible to double a minimalist effect, you can certainly do it at the Pocket Door Shop. And furthermore, we also have a range of handles and accessories to finish off the design with a suitably minimalist look including our new touch latch device, which allows your door to sit flush within the pocket when open. Our innovative flush pocket doors also come with some additional unique features:

  • An innovative edge profile that allows for a crisp plaster finish right to the edge and into the return for a minimalist architrave free appearance.
  • The Syntesis® Flush range has been designed to be the strongest of its type on the market, flex is reduced to a minimum using stronger aluminium profiles and reinforced joints to reduce the risk of plaster cracking to a very minimum. 
  • Runners are tested to 100,000 cycles
  • Fully adjustable front and rear doorstop. Rear doorstop can be adjusted without removing the door.
  • 15 year guarantee on the complete Eclisse steel pocket system, track and runners
  • When fitting flush pull handles we recommend the stop be regulated so the door protrudes from the pocket to avoid risk to fingers. Should the door be adjusted to enter the pocket completely we do not accept any liability.

So why not consider the flush pocket door system, it really is the most contemporary pocket door design in the market, and a primary reason why the pocket door has enjoyed a recent renaissance to make a triumphant return to the interior design World.

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