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Glass Pocket Doors For Summer

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Many people put off home improvement projects until the better weather comes around. Whether that is because weather itself is a factor – ie. roof repairs or replacing windows etc – or because we simply can’t face the upheaval on top of the miserable wind and rain outside, people tend not to undertake these projects in the winter months. Sometimes, the same applies to improvements made in the workplace.

With pocket doors, we already know about the numerous benefits in terms of creating space and re-designing the practical function of a room, but there are other inherent benefits which really come into their own in the summer months. Here we are talking about glass pocket doors, and the fact that now is a good time to be considering their installation, so you can get the most out of them whilst the sun is shining!

The benefits of glass pocket doors

Glass pocket doors carry the same benefits as standard pocket doors in terms of opening up critical space in a room compared to a traditional hinged door, but they also have additional benefits. A glass pocket door creates light by allowing it to shine through the door and into the room, or into the adjacent corridor outside the room. This enables light to flow through the home or the office, and also creates the impression of a more spacious room; therefore giving it a more pleasant and comfortable ambience.

Of course, this impression is maximised in the summer months when the days are longer and lighter, and so getting your glass pocket doors installed now, makes absolute sense.

Glass pocket doors are suitable for the home, where natural light can shine through a closed door to brighten up the home, and they are also suitable for the office. Glass pocket doors can be single or double; perhaps creating a statement entrance to a prestigious boardroom for example. They can even have a satin opaque finish and be sandblasted to incorporate bespoke designs such as a company logo.

Glass pocket doors for the home and the workplace

What many people find useful with glass pocket doors in the workplace is the ability to make an office feel light and airy, but you can combine this with a design which also provides some privacy. There are occasions where you don’t necessarily want prying eyes to see who is in an office or meeting room, and the ‘smoked’ glass finish allows you to do that, whilst still enjoying the rays of light it allows through.

Our range of glass pocket doors come in standard designs and also with coloured designs and bespoke designs. So whether you are looking for functional improvements in the home or in the workplace, have a browse through and speak to us about your requirements. But be quick, because the days are getting longer, brighter and warmer, and summer will soon be with us. It would be criminal to waste the precious light that the summer months affords us, so make your choice of the best glass pocket doors and let us shine light into your lives.

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