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Glass Pocket Door Packages

Glass Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are a versatile design solution to suit every home, they come in a variety of different sizes and materials to ensure you can always find the right door for you.

With space-saving qualities, stylish contemporary design, robust construction and easy installation, you already know about the main benefits of pocket doors, but do you know that glass pocket doors bring even more flexibility and design solutions to consider?

What are the benefits of glass pocket doors?

One of the most desirable features of a home is the amount of natural light it provides. It can bring a house alive, brighten your day and give you energy. Glass pocket doors are a simple way to create more natural light, by replacing standard traditional hinged doors, or even a wooden pocket door, with a glass finish that instantly lets the light shine through.

This also allows you the flexibility to shut off open plan areas without losing natural light, such as dividing a living room and a kitchen or a kitchen and a dining area. This method is particularly suitable in a flat or a loft apartment, but can work in any open plan living space. You can also create more light in an existing room by changing from a traditional door to a glass pocket door, thereby letting in light from a corridor. This is much cheaper than having a window or a skylight installed.

Which glass pocket door system should I choose?

Glass pocket doors come in a range of eye-catching coloured and decorated designs to suit your taste, but the size is also important.

8mm Glass Pocket Doors vs. 10mm Glass Pocket Doors

The 8mm system is competitively priced, starting from £475 plus vat for a complete package, this includes a satin glass door, handle, Eclisse sliding door system, timber jamb liner with dust brushes and recessed door post with integral bumpers. This system is designed with budget in mind and can be delivered quickly within 1-2 working days. 

Note the 8mm package is only available in two standard door sizes 762 x 1981 or 826 x 2040, in single or double door configuration.

The 10mm glass pocket door system offers you greater choice! This package has a full range of 10 standard sized doors and bespoke sizes are available on request. The choice of glass design and finish in this range is extensive – click here to download our PDF to view the full range. As well as greater choice in sizes and finishes this package also offer greater choice of handle options, contact our sales team for further details info@pocketdoors.co.uk  Prices for this system start from £695 plus VAT and we can deliver the frame within 1-2 working days with your glass door to follow in around 4-5 weeks.

Glass Pocket Door Packages


Glass Pocket Doors – 8mm Complete Packages are available to buy from our shop, click for below links for info and to purchase.

To purchase the single 8mm Satin Glass Package click here

To purchase the double 8mm Satin Glass Package click here

To purchase the single 8mm Righe Glass Package click here

To purchase the double 8mm Righe Glass Package click here

Glass Pocket Doors – 10mm Complete Packages – For further details on this range please download our PDF of options and contact our knowledgeable team for your bespoke quotation – info@pocketdoors.co.uk | 0113 202 8349

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