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Glass Pocket Door Options At Pocket Door Shop

When you are looking to furnish, decorate or renovate a property there are two features most people are desperate to exploit to the maximum; these are space and light. Whether you are working on your home, the office, a hotel, a restaurant or an apartment block, space and light make people feel comfortable, relaxed and organised.

It can be difficult to combine these features in many buildings, at least as much as you would like to, but Pocket Door Shop can suggest the perfect solution that takes innovative design and resolves these two problems at the same time.

Glass pocket doors have become a best-selling product, due to their adaptability in providing a stylish and contemporary design solution, while also serving a practical purpose. Letting light shine in from corridors and adjacent rooms, the glass pocket door can open up opportunities that were previously unworkable.

Our glass pocket door package

Our range of glass pocket doors all come as a complete package, including the door, frame, handles and wooden jambs to suit. The glass doors are easy to install and even easier to clean, providing a trouble-free solution and a sleek, modern addition that also opens up vital space.

In terms of design options, there is a wealth of choice to suit any kind of property you are looking to upgrade. There are single or double doors that come in either a 100mm or 125mm wall finish thickness. The double doors are great for the office, hotels or restaurants where bigger openings to bigger rooms call for a grand and elegant entrance.

These glass pocket doors come with a satin opaque, frosted effect which allows the light to flood in but also offers privacy for an en-suite, and for the office, provides the professional setting that you are looking for. Another stylish variation on these doors is the addition of sandblasted lines, which create a pleasing and welcoming effect. With four, equally-spaced horizontal lines, these doors are amongst our most popular for adding a chic, contemporary twist.

A wealth of bespoke glass pocket door options

Concluding our glass pocket door range are the bespoke designs that can really add a flourish to your living, working or relaxing space. With ten different sizes available, these bespoke doors come with a longer lead time of five to six weeks and price is usually discussed upon application. These doors are 10mm thick but offer some stunning variations to really make your refurbishment unique and stamp some identity on your space.

You can choose from 47 different sandblasted designs that are either floral, striped, shaped or decorative. These can be supplemented by one of 34 coloured insert options, or there are 15 beautifully hand-painted art designs you can choose from. We also offer 11 solid colour designs or you can go for a simple mirrored glass door, if it suits the space you are working with.

Pocket Door Shop has everything you could wish for when looking to add style, quality, light and space to wherever you are re-designing. So check out all our options and call today to discuss how we can help you.

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