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Get Specialist Advice From The Pocket Door Experts

pocket door customer serviceWhen making a home improvement investment you often need expert advice. But then the world is full of ‘experts’. So who can you trust and how do you know someone is reliable? You could just take someone’s word for it, but jumping into a project both feet first can be a gamble, and plenty of people have been stung by taking an ‘expert’ at face value and living to regret it. But at the Pocket Door Shop we can point to years of experience, an amazing product range and a host of satisfied customers who continue to return to us.

That alone should be reason enough to build some trust, but the fact is that pocket doors are, by default, a specialist product. That is to say, that not many people have knowledge of them, so the knowledge we have is valuable and a rare commodity. Furthermore, the Pocket Door Shop is widely recognised as an industry-leading supplier of pocket doors, and people come from far and wide to sample and discuss our products. So our reputation proceeds us and nobody leaves disappointed.

Lots to consider with a pocket door

We know that there are many variations to the kind of pocket door package you might be after, so we fully appreciate that knowledge is king, and the advice you receive is critical in identifying the right product and the right design, but also in discussing delivery and installation. These are all key considerations, and the information and advice you receive is all part of the package and part of the decision-making process. So we make sure we have experts on hand who can help you.

With the pocket door, the kind of advice you need can be on the size of door that is most suitable, how to retro-fit a door or an accessory, how to create a ‘pocket’ in a wall, what the benefits of glass doors are, whether you have space for a single or double door, whether self-closing fittings are practical.  The list is almost endless.

The range of products we stock naturally dictates that questions will be raised, because we know that a specialist item requires specialist advice, particularly when discussing the practicalities of bespoke, made-to-measure, or special designs. This is where you need some reassurance, and our unrivalled industry knowledge will definitely put you at ease.

Contact us for the best pocket door advice

When you contact us, you are not just buying our products, you are investing in our knowledge too. This means that we can recommend certain products to suit your home and that our after-sales service can also advise you on installation, accessories and maintenance. This is specialist knowledge that you won’t get at your local DIY superstore, because we have dedicated professionals who have spent years working with these products, and what they don’t know about them, isn’t worth knowing.

So you can email us, phone us, leave an enquiry online, message us directly on social media, take part in a live chat on our website, or you can come and visit us personally at our trade counter in Leeds. There are so many ways that you can get in touch with us, but whichever method you choose, you will be taking advantage of our vast and unique industry knowledge, and to be perfectly honest, that is what we’re here for.

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