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Enjoying Pocket Doors In The Summer

glass pocket doors

The summer months can transform the home both inside and out. Whilst we might spend most of our time in the garden, the conservatory or the summer house, the interior rooms can also benefit when the sun floods in and the temperatures rise. And pocket doors can be the key to that.

You already know about the many benefits of the pocket door, but the summer months can bring even more advantages. When the weather improves and the days are longer, you want to get the most benefit from it. Summer brings more light, more air and more comfortable temperatures, and fitting pocket doors in your home can really make the most of these factors.

The benefits of pocket doors

Of course, pocket doors provide more space in a home, and enable you to transform the function of a room and even create a new room, but in summer, this additional space comes into its own. Pocket doors can be left open between rooms or in corridors, which prevents barriers forming, as opposed to leaving a traditional hinged door open, and creates additional airflow too.

There is nothing to beat the freshness of summer air wafting through the home, and this is a key benefit to fitting pocket doors, but in terms of making the most of summer, it doesn’t end there. If you fit glass pocket doors you can maximise the light too.

Glass pocket doors mean that even if you don’t want to leave doors open you can still make use of the natural light in the home and allow it to flood through to provide a bright and airy feel. Glass pocket doors work in exactly the same way as normal pocket doors, but you have options of plain glass, tempered satin opaque doors or glass doors etched with patterns and colours to suit your home.

Glass pocket doors for the summer

With these doors you can choose to have privacy and security or not, with the frosted or patterned glass effects, but all of these options allow light to flood into corridors or adjacent rooms, while in the room itself, a glass pocket door provides a more comfortable feeling of space and ventilation. Pocket doors are often utilised to make best use of a small space, but this can then feel cramped and claustrophobic. A glass pocket door can ease that, particularly in the summer months when you need as much free-flowing air as possible.

So check out our product range of glass pocket doors and choose a design that best suits your internal space and internal colour schemes. The summer months soon pass, so we have to make the most of them, and fitting glass pocket doors enables you to do that.

We change and adapt our homes to suit the seasons, so get glass pocket doors fitted today and open up your home to let the light and the air flow through.

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