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Double Door Co-Ordination Pocket Door System

One of the biggest stories in the world of interior design over the last decade has been the stunning comeback of the pocket door, a Victorian-era feature that has made a triumphant return as a modern, attractive and practical solution for the home.

You will already be aware of the benefits of the pocket door, ie. it is space-saving, functional, easy to fit and adds a contemporary, minimalist feel to the home. But there are a number of variations to and accessories for the classic pocket door design, which add further benefits and functional uses, such as self-closing doors, telescopic doors and slow-closing doors. Another great design solution is the co-ordinated pocket door system.co-ordination pocket doors

What is a co-ordinated pocket door?

With this system, double doors are linked together to enable you to open just one door to make both open, and vice versa, when you pull one door closed, the other closes too. This system is growing increasingly popular and offers the following benefits:

  • You can open both doors one-handed, for example if you are carrying something in your other hand
  • The system is good for children who perhaps haven’t got the strength or co-ordination to open both doors together
  • Co-ordinated pocket doors can be retro-fitted to an existing counter-frame system to enable you to upgrade from a traditional pocket door to a co-ordinated system.
  • Of course you can also enjoy all the standard benefits of the traditional pocket door system too

How do co-ordinated pocket doors work?

Co-ordinating the opening of both doors together is achieved by the two doors being linked by a strong 2mm stainless steel cable. This has a good resistance to stretch and is attached to the door frame centrally above the door by a bracket mounting. All the mechanics of the co-ordinated system are hidden from view, enabling you to enjoy the normal, visual benefits of the pocket door system, ie. a neat, tidy and contemporary finish.

The co-ordinated pocket door is supplied with the kit required to link the doors together, and is easy to install. We also include a soft close system which can be added to give you even more benefits and home comfort. If you have two doors that weigh over 25Kgs each, then we recommend you purchase an additional soft close system, which will therefore require an extra cost.

So the co-ordinated pocket door system is another great design solution that is practical, easy-to-install and is available in stock for you to purchase today.

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