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Create A New Room With A Pocket Door

There is a huge demand for housing in the UK at the moment, and with that comes a demand for space. Unfortunately, modern developers don’t look at it the same way, always looking to get the most return out of every square inch of land. Hence, properties are smaller and rooms are smaller, and a four bed semi might cover the same overall space that a three bed semi used to.

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As a result we look to build extensions, loft conversions, conservatories or summer houses, all of which are significant investments and all of which are in the pursuit of more space. Where we perhaps need to be more imaginative is in how we can create space a little more cheaply, and one of the best design solutions for this is the pocket door.

Quite apart from creating significantly more space in a room, compared to a traditional hinged door, the pocket door goes one further, and allows you to create additional rooms by utilising the space in your home more effectively.

Giving communal living space some privacy

Many homes have an open plan kitchen and dining room, and wouldn’t it be great if you could close off these rooms by installing a pocket door, and then open them up when you are entertaining or over the weekend when everyone is at home together? This really freshens up the home and instantly makes it a more communal living space, but allows you the option of privacy and confinement for when you need it.

Did you always think you didn’t quite have enough space for an en-suite bathroom? That extra bit of space that the pocket door gives you might just enable you to squeeze a toilet, a basin and a shower in there, thus creating a whole new room and adding value to the property.

Living rooms are also used as workspaces, and maybe you even run a business from home? So why not isolate the living room during the day and then open it up in the evening when your work is done?

Innovative design solutions for the home or office

Speaking of work, pocket doors are also great for a small office, where maybe you can create a small dressing room or toilet? Or maybe you want to create a small box room where you can have some privacy and enjoy your lunch in peace? Back at home, you can even use pocket doors to create a small room to clear clutter away when you have guests coming round. 

Every home is unique and we all have different ideas, routines and practices, and the beauty of the pocket door is that it is a simple concept that is amazingly flexible, and can be incorporated into any home to solve a myriad of different space or usage problems.

So make the most of the freedom a pocket door gives you, ensuring that, for the smallest investment, you can really transform your home.

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