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Choose Something A Little Different For Your Pocket Door

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At Pocket Door Shop our standard range has a wealth of options for the style of pocket door you need for your home or business. We can supply single or double doors, fire-rated doors and of course our syntesis system is proving extremely popular, particularly for contemporary homes or office spaces where the flush system has no architrave and provides a sleek, minimalist look. But if you are looking to make a visual impact with your choice of pocket door, then we can certainly help you with that.

Glass pocket doors from the Pocket Door Shop

Our range of glass pocket doors have great practical benefits, particularly for making small rooms feel larger and roomier, because the doors let the light flood in as well as creating vital space, compared to a traditional hinged door.

However, we can create unique designs for you to make your glass pocket doors really stand out and make your home or business a visually arresting setting.

Different glass pocket door designs especially for you

The glass pocket doors we stock can be supplied with a satin opaque finish, which is great for security and privacy and is very popular for toilets and bathrooms and for offices. This glass finish can be made unique by adding sandblasted designs. We can add simple designs such as clean lines, which are effective and very attractive, and these can be applied to both single and double pocket doors.

Bespoke glass pocket door designs

To make your doors truly unique however, we can go a stage further. We have a choice of coloured etched designs which incorporate sandblasted patterns and colour inserts, and which can be applied to both classic and synthesis frame designs. These can be a choice from our range, but we can also take personal requests and add company logos to a glass pocket door, which is very popular for double doors to a boardroom, for example.

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We also offer a service whereby more intricate and specialist design can be added to our glass pocket doors, and these are hand-painted in Italy creating a Murano style glass door.

A final option is to include solid and satin colours to your glass pocket door. This creates a stunning look and can be used to blend in with the colour scheme of your home or business. And there is a huge range of colours to choose from, including a mirror effect.

Bespoke glass options are available in a range of standard sizes and bespoke sizes on request. Bespoke designs have a longer lead time and we usually offer a price upon application for these types of doors.

Contact the Pocket Door Shop for your bespoke needs

The everyday perception of a pocket door is that it has to be plain and simple and is merely a functional feature of the home or workplace. But at the Pocket Door Shop we believe that your doors can have a far bigger impact than that. You are surrounded by a lot of doors, whether you are at home or at work, so why not make them a more visual feature? Your pocket doors don’t have to be plain, so get in touch with the Pocket Door Shop today and ask about our bespoke pocket door designs. We can speak to you about designs which suit your needs and also advise on price and lead times. So get in touch with our sales experts at the Pocket Door Shop today.  

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