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Are Pocket Doors Hard To Install?

is a pocket door hard to install?

When we are contacted by customers it is not always about our range of products themselves, because people can see the design quality, the aesthetic appeal and the practical benefits of the pocket door. The most common question we receive is regarding installation, and quite simply, is the pocket door hard to install? And this receives an equally simple answer, which is an emphatic no!

First of all, because the structure of the pocket door frame is 100% steel, this makes it really light and easy to handle, and while you need plenty of floor space and you need to move the frame around as you assemble it, this is really easy because the frame is so lightweight. So because the frame is so easy to handle and move around, this makes the installation job a lot easier.

Creating wall space for your pocket door frame

The second thing to consider before you attempt to install your pocket door, is the wall cavity you will be using. Pocket doors can be installed in a new-build property while it is being constructed, but in existing homes it can be installed retrospectively in a stud wall or solid wall. Obviously you have to ensure you have the right size frame system for the wall cavity you have created, but creating the wall cavity itself is perhaps the biggest element of the installation process. For a stud wall this is relatively straightforward, but for a solid wall you need to remove the right section of wall and install a lintel above. Alternatively, you could use the frame to create a new stud wall adjacent to the solid wall and just plasterboard around it.

The installation process

Once you have your wall cavity space agreed and ready then the installation process is really easy.

  • Make sure you have plenty of floor space and enough room to pick up and move the frame around as you assemble it
  • Lay all the pieces out flat and locate them to check you have everything
  • Assemble the frame, we would estimate (depending on your experience) this would like less than 1 hour. Minimal tools are required. (see kit instruction booklet for further details)
  • Install the frame by screwing through the top and end verticals
  • Add the door to the frame system
  • Add the jambs and door post (all included in the package) to ensure the system fits properly and runs smoothly with the best opening and closing action

Ask the experts at the Pocket Door Shop

It is okay for us to say this is an easy process, but we are the pocket door experts and we appreciate that might not be the case for everyone. So we have put together a range of installation videos for different types of doors we supply, and installation information, and we also have installation experts available at the end of a phone line should you be struggling with the installation process.

So contact the Pocket Door Shop today with any queries about the installation process and we can help you out and ensure you are soon enjoying years of trouble-free benefits with a newly-installed pocket door system. 

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