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Anti-Slam Pocket Doors

anti-slam pocket door

Like a rain sensor on your car windscreen or being able to set your digibox to record a TV programme when you’re sat in the dentist’s waiting room, having anti-slam fittings installed is an everyday design feature you never knew you needed. If you surveyed a number of householders who had anti-slam fittings on internal pocket doors, most would admit that they weren’t an essential design feature, but now they would definitely not be without them.

Eclisse soft close fittings can be installed on both our Unico (classic) single or double door kits, when closing your door towards the door post the soft close mechanism takes over and gently completes the closure action, locating the door neatly and flush in the closed position, very much like the closing mechanism used in kitchen cupboards and draws.

So, what are the advantages of anti-slam door fittings?

  • The soft close fitting means there is reduced noise from repeated slamming
  • Controlled closing means the door does not get damaged by slamming it closed
  • Safety in the home is enhanced by ensuring no fingers get trapped by slamming a door
  • The fittings are fully integrated inside the door, maintaining the neat and stylish finish of the door
  • The anti-slam fittings can be easily installed by a non-DIY expert

At Pocket Door Shop we can supply two sizes of anti-slam door fittings, which will suit any doors in our range. These can be to suit doors weighing 0-40Kg and then doors weighing 40-50Kgs. You can also use the fittings with the Classic Single Pocket Door system or the Unilateral Pocket Door system. Please note though, that if you have double doors then you will need two soft close units, one for each door.

We understand that this soft close feature is not always seen as an essential cost, particularly if you are undertaking an extensive home improvement project. But our anti-slam accessories are able to be retro-fitted, which is extremely useful if you want to spread the cost of a door installation and make this purchase at a later date.

In everyday life we know that doors can get slammed shut when you don’t really mean to. You might be leaving in a hurry or it might be the kids who are oblivious to the constant, repeated noise that slamming the doors creates, but fitting an anti-slam mechanism is a great way to protect your doors, live a more peaceful life and to enjoy the indefinable satisfaction of their neat and gentle action.    


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