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An Introduction To Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are becoming increasingly popular as a neat variation on a conventional internal door, they can very simply be accommodated in a modern house construction and offer some very practical solutions to everyday problems and interior design issues.

What is a pocket door?

Essentially, a pocket door is a sliding door that disappears into a wall cavity when it is fully opened. The door either travels on rollers or an overhead track in the door frame or slides along tracks or guides on the floor.

In building terms, the pocket door requires a counter frame to be constructed, which is integrated within a standard stud wall construction. This frame creates what is called an ‘envelope’ and hence is the same width as the wall itself and allows the door to slide into it. This design was a popular feature in Victorian homes and has recently become more common in modern construction, as architects and interior designers look for practical problem solving techniques.

Different types of pocket doors

The Eclisse pocket door frame that houses the door is 100% steel, but as you might expect, there are various different modern designs available for pocket doors to suit your home. These can be in the bedroom, bathroom, living room, home office or the kitchen, and can be single or double doors, depending on your available space.

Glass doors come mirrored or with stylish etched designs and create a fantastic sleek finish to any room. Timber designs can be painted or stained wood and whatever material you opt for, the beauty of a pocket door is that the design gives you the option to discard the traditional door frame, which is essentially redundant. This offers a clean, uncluttered and minimalist look that creates a wonderful modern effect.

Why people choose pocket doors

There are many reasons why people choose pocket doors; this could be purely an architectural preference, although it is more likely to be a space saving solution, as an average of 10 feet square of floor space can be added to a room by replacing a traditional hinged door with a pocket door.

Other advantages to pocket doors include the strength and rigidity provided by the metal frame. Also pocket doors are provided with all the accessories necessary to provide a neat and tidy finish, such as the timber jambs that close the gap between the door and the pocket frame flush, and design features that prevent the door being slammed shut.

Pocket doors are easy to install and maintain and come with fantastic 12 year warranties and undoubtedly are the rediscovered feature that is taking interior design by storm.

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