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An Introduction To Our Flush Door Systems

flush door system

Sometimes in life simplicity is best. In our daily lives we can accumulate clutter and we can lead a busy existence where it is hard to keep things clean, straightforward and organised. In such situations we often need a constant source of simplicity, something that has soothing qualities whenever we even think about it, never mind see it. And that source is often something we come home to, something that immediately relaxes us and never changes.

Interior design has evolved to include many such features around the home, to bring tranquillity and peace the instant you walk through the door. It might be in kitchen design or wall decoration, but the flush pocket door system is another great example of this.

The simplicity in our flush door system – which is also known as a frameless system – comes in both its installation and its pleasantness to the eye. In simple terms, because that is what we are talking about, a frameless system has no surrounding architrave or protruding jambs, indeed there is no door frame, just clean lines, a hole and a door. Because that’s all you need.

What you get with a flush door system

Our flush door systems are sleek, modern and minimalist, and the perfect design solution for a contemporary home or office space. So what do you need to know about the flush door system? Here is what you get:

  • An ingenious Counterframe system without the need for architraves.
  • 10 Kit sizes to choose from, to suit 10 standard UK door sizes (Suitable for use with 35mm - 44mm thick doors)
  • Eclisse Syntesis pocket door frame systems come with track and runners, and a recessed door post with integral rubber bumpers

The frameless design system is available as both a single and a double door version. The double doors are very popular for commercial offices and boardrooms, creating a sleek, elegant and powerful effect. The single door system is perfect for offices too, but particularly around the home, and in an unfussy way which allows other features of the home to take the interior design glory.

Accessories for a flush door system

Our frameless systems can also be retro-fitted with accessories, such as the anti-slam fitting which allows you to push the door closed with the minimum of effort and prevents the door being slammed. A mechanism takes the force and stops the door dead, enabling a slow close to ease the door to a closed positon gently. You can also fit a touch latch system, which allows you to eject the door from its pocket with just a short push on the door leaf.

The flush door system is perfect for modern homes and comes in a range of sizes. You can also enjoy these great additional features:

  • Innovative edge profile that allows for a crisp plaster finish right to the edge and into the return for a minimalist architrave-free appearance.
  • The Syntesis® Flush range has been designed to be the strongest of its type on the market, flex is reduced to a minimum using stronger aluminium profiles and reinforced joints to reduce the risk of plaster cracking to a very minimum. 
  • Runners are tested to 100,000 cycles
  • Fully adjustable front and rear doorstop. Rear doorstop can be adjusted without removing the door.
  • 15 year guarantee on the complete Eclisse steel pocket system, track and runners

So contact our sales team today and we can discuss how the Flush Door system from Pocket Door Shop can bring so many more benefits to the home, in addition to the many practical benefits of the pocket door itself. This means the pocket door doesn’t just give you space in your room, with a minimalist flush system you can get vital head space too.

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