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Advantages To Choosing A Glass Pocket Door

The benefits of opting for a pocket door can be the key to opening up great possibilities in terms of the types of home improvement jobs you can undertake. The space created by the pocket door, compared to a traditional hinged door, means you can radically change the use of a room, or adapt a room to become multi-purpose and hence make significant lifestyle changes to the home or workplace.

However, there are different types of pocket door which can further aid your decision-making and bring even greater benefits. One example of this is the glass pocket door. This carries out all the same functional and practical benefits as other pocket doors, but the door itself is glass. So let’s look at the main advantages of choosing a glass pocket door:advantages of a glass pocket door installation

  • Lets light shine in

The glass pocket door will allow light to shine into a room which could be a crucial factor in being able to use a small box room for a home office, for example. This can also apply in a work situation. This effect can also work the other way in that, if the room has a window then light will shine into the corridor, which on sunny summer days can make the whole environment more pleasant.

  • Creates more comfortable feeling of space

Along with creating more light, a glass door will provide a more comfortable ambience and a feeling of space. With a traditional solid door the room may feel smaller and more enclosed, and a person may feel inhibited and claustrophobic. However, the glass door enables someone using the room to see beyond the room itself, and hence it will feel more airy and relaxing.

  • Bespoke designs

Our range of glass pocket doors can be supplied with a satin opaque finish to give them a ‘frosted’ effect, and they can also be etched with sandblasted designs, such as geometric lines. But we can also provide bespoke coloured designs which are unique to you. In the home you can choose designs such as flowers or artistic shapes, but in a work situation we can incorporate your company logo or slogan. This is very commonly incorporated into boardrooms, for example.

  • Stylish

The sandblasted designs on our glass pocket doors look very stylish and elegant, but even without that, a glass pocket door emits a sense of contemporary style and minimalist chic which is very popular both at home and in the workplace. The pocket door is already heralded as a modern design classic even if it has a retro feel to it, but this simple and elegant charm is extended when you opt for a glass pocket door.

Contact our sales team today to discuss your glass pocket door

If you contact us today we can talk to you about your home or work improvement projects and how a glass pocket door can fit in with these plans. A glass pocket door is perfect for the home office, en-suites, utility room, or for dividing a living room or dining room. In a work environment you can use a glass pocket door for an office, a board room or for creating a small kitchen or computer server room.

There are so many possible uses for the glass pocket door it can really be the key to unlocking your design potential, so contact Pocket Door Shop today and we can help you make the right decision.

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