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2022 Home Improvement Ideas

door ideas 2022

The New Year is traditionally the time when you can make headway on your home improvement projects and kick-start your plans to transform your lifestyle for the better. As we enter 2022 now is the time to put your plans in action, and the pocket door is a small but not insignificant element of those plans, and one which can actually be the key to some critical features and designs being able to work.

Of course you know about the space-saving benefits of the pocket door, compared to a traditional hinged door. By not encroaching on your room space, and knocking into features you are hoping to store or install, the pocket door can open up a world of possibilities in your home. Furthermore, a glass pocket door can also enable a small space to be utilised more practically. By allowing light to shine both in and out of a room, a glass pocket door can maximise a small room and make it more airy, spacious and comfortable. This could make the key difference to a room being more useful or even give it multi-functional potential.

So if the roughly 10 square feet of space that a pocket door creates is a possibility for you, what can you do with it? The results might surprise you.

  • Home office

The Coronavirus pandemic has seen many people actually enjoy working from home when they have never considered it before. So maybe now it is time to make that more permanent and more comfortable? This could be on a full-time basis, one or two days’ a week or for one week in four. All businesses have different policies for working from home, but the pocket door enables you to be flexible and adaptable to this and have a readymade space in which you can comfortably fit a desk, chair and shelving unit.

  • En-suite

Being stuck in the home under COVID restrictions and possibly even going without holidays has made people shift priorities and seek some luxury closer to home. An en-suite in the bedroom ticks many boxes for a lot of people and this becomes more achievable by using a pocket door where space is tight.

  • Kids’ playroom

Is the guest bedroom that hardly gets used the most efficient use of space in your home? Is your child’s bedroom too small for them to play in and let loose when their friends come round? A pocket door can enable you to make a small room into a playroom and one which you don’t need to tidy up!

  • Guest bedroom

Maybe you still need a guest bedroom but not all the time? A pocket door can enable you to keep a room as a guest bedroom for occasions when you need it, but at other times it can be a home office, storeroom or playroom.

  • Utility room

Downstairs it might be useful to create a small annexe to the kitchen for washing machines, dryers and fridge freezers. A pocket door can help you create a handy utility room.

  • Toilet

Got space under the stairs you can’t do anything with? A pocket door might be the solution you need to unlock potential for a downstairs guest toilet.

Kitchen/Dining room entertaining

On occasions when you are entertaining friends or for a family Christmas, a double pocket door can be opened up to create a large entertaining space between a lounge and dining room, or between a kitchen and dining room. Depending on your room layout the pocket door can remain closed most of the time, but open up a great entertaining space when needed.

Other home improvement projects that have become popular in recent years involve extending the home in all directions. And the pocket door can help you convert a loft or a basement, and it can help you fit everything you need into a conservatory space or a summer house. The possibilities are almost endless, so check out our range at Pocket Door Shop and make 2022 the year you transform your lives, thanks to the humble pocket door.

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